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Robert M. Gordon, Ph.D, "To Wit or Not to Wit: The Use of Humor in Psychotherapy”: “A humorless therapist robs the therapeutic relationship of playfulness, desensitization and mastery. Albert Ellis (1977) was one of the earliest advocates for humor in psychotherapy. He stated that Rational Emotive Therapy puts the locus of psychopathology at taking one’s self and life too seriously. He believed that humor could be a powerful therapeutic force.”


If you are a mental health professional who practices in Indiana or Illinois, you want to consider hiring me for supervision or case consultation. I believe my excellent diagnostic, conceptualization, and documentation abilities, along with due diligence to research, sets me apart. I consistently received positive feedback from licensed clinicians whose Medicaid/Medicare cases I supervised for over four years across three different organizations. Together, you and I can be a great team in better serving your patients as I provide a second set of eyes to your cases. In addition to reviewing paperwork, I can staff cases with you as well, either by phone or Zoom!


I also provide consultation to organizations on matters such as workflow, documentation, and policies and procedures. My strong collaborative, analytic, and research skills are evidenced by long-term relationships I've had with organizations for over three years. For one organization, I provided recommendations on the enhancement of integration of their medical and behavioral health services, and coordinated the establishment of their behavioral health policies and procedures. For another organization I created a database to track the pre- and post-tests completed by attendees of their Active Parenting psycho-educational group. I also trained the clinical supervisor on scoring the tests, entering data, determining the reliability of the test for their population, and interpreting results. There is a lot we can accomplish by using screen sharing in Zoom!


I pride myself on adapting my presentations to the audience and pulling from the latest research to bring you solutions to your questions. I do this by first having a conversation with you to understand your needs and desires. I then incorporate the latest research with my experience and expertise to create an interactive presentation tailor-made for you. I consistently received positive evaluations on my outreach presentations when I worked in university counseling centers; I believe my communication & facilitation skills, practical solutions, and attention to detail set me apart in this area.Tell me your workshop needs and I’ll bring my A game. Examples of topics I can cover are listed below. I can also facilitate fun team building or help you tap into your humorous and creative side by facilitating improv games. 

Expertise with:

Stress/Time Management

Imposter Syndrome

Multicultural issues

South Asian Issues

Women’s Issues

Intimate partner violence

Alcohol abuse prevention

Process-oriented therapy

Improvisational skills/team building

“People were laughing at me anyway, so I thought I might as well start charging them.” – Sarah Millican