Bring Lightness and Laughter to your Therapy Practice!

I strive to help mental health clinicians provide excellent care to their patients while having contentment with their own lives. As a psychologist with varied skills and work experiences, I provide practical solutions informed by research that could help you work with more efficiency without sacrificing quality of service or your mental health. And last but not least, I do this with a sense of humor because let’s face it, life is ridiculous. "Hope for the best, expect the worst. Life is a play, we're unrehearsed." - Mel Brooks

My Work & Credentials

  • B.S. in industrial engineering from Arizona State University  
  • Master of Counseling from ASU
  • PhD in counseling psychology from ASU
  • Licensed clinical psychologist in Illinois
  • Licensed psychologist and Health Service Provider of Psychology (HSPP) in Indiana
  • Content writer and reviewer for online consumer publications - portfolio here:
  • Experience with:
    • Medicare/Medicaid cases 
    • Community mental health
    • University counseling centers
    • Assisted living communities
    • Private practice     
    • Psychological evaluations for readiness for bariatric surgery and neuromodulation therapy.    

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